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White Rock Pickleball Assoc., White Rock, BC

Making a big impact in a small town, is what White Rock Pickleball Association does. And it's why the are a Canada's Best Pickleball Club Finalist for 2023

Our membership of 500 is high for a town of under 21,000  population, but what makes the WRPA special is how we keep the ‘small community feel’. All events are run by volunteers as is our leadership committee. 

White Rock Pickleball CLub "Newbie" Night
White Rock Pickleball CLub “Newbie” Night


Being part of the White Rock Pickleball Association (WRPA) is like attending a Dolly Parton concert — people from all walks of life, all ages, all political persuasions, all spiritual ideologies, all races and sexual orientations join together, to share a love of playing pickleball (instead of Dolly’s music)!

White Rock Pickleball Club

Daily Play

Daily play is purely drop-in consisting of all levels all mixed together. This model isn’t for everyone…but we LOVE IT!
Come when you want, leave when you want, help out the newer players, or come to watch and hang out.
We also ave some organized play, women’s, men’s, mixed, newbies and musical night (yes, there is dancing!).
WRPA plays outdoors year-round, as long as the courts are safe to play on.

A Caring Club

At WRPA, we try our best to support the needs of both our members and our community.

We host an annual fun tournament in September, which raises funds for charities such as last year’s donation to the local Food Bank.

Each Christmas, we donate poinsettias and gi[ts to the Evergreen Care Home near our courts.

After years of sharing the courts with tennis using portable nets, and because we have a great relationship with the City of White Rock, last summer, the city put in four dedicated pickleball courts and four more this summer.

This summer’s annual BBQ hosted approx. 150 members, families and guests. Other WRPA socials include our Christmas Party and a very popular weekly women’s happy hour.

9 WRPA BBQ Party

Many of our members travel and play pickleball on a variety of courts with different people and various systems of access and sign-up. When they come home to White Rock they say, “we have the friendliest community of pickleball players and the best inclusive system anywhere”.

“I would like to thank the group of pickleballers at some nearby courts for talking me into going to White Rock courts. Wow, has it ever changed from the last me I was there

We played two games and met great people. Again, thank you everyone for being so kind.

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