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Joola GEN 3 Paddle Banned, Refunds Offered- June 5, 2024 EP:4.1

Joola Gen 3 Paddles Banned

Joola / USAPA GEN 3 Paddle Update, June 5, 2024

Subsequent to our earlier weekly podcast, USAPA and Joola issued important updates about all time best seller paddle, the Joola Gen 3 pickleball paddle.
The new paddle submitted by Joola has again Failed it's testing and is not deemed Legal by USAPA.

Joola, in response had now offered customers refunds. You should contact your dealer for info.

Also a recent class action lawsuit against Joola has been launched but in our estimation it would be better to just get the refund if you don't want to play with the paddle.

Pickleball Canada, the CNPL, CPA Pro Tour all use USAPA regulations and rely on USAPA to approve paddles.
So effectively, these paddles can not be used in tournament play in Canada.

Thanks very much. 

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