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Richmond Pickleball Assoc., Richmond, BC

Richmond Pickleball Assoc., in Richmond, BC is a Canada's Best Pickleball Club Finalist for 2023

Richmond Pickleball Assoc
The Richmond Pickleball Association in Richmond, BC is really THE BEST club because my husband  &  I didn't know anything about pickleball until May 2023 in which we then joined the Richmond Pickleball Association.
The Richmond BC Pickleball Association was formed to advocate for the growth of pickleball racquet sports in the City of Richmond BC for the enjoyment, health and social engagement of all players.

We endeavour to engage and collaborate with the City of Richmond BC to develop dedicated outdoor pickleball courts and increase indoor court access in the region.

Richmond Pickleball Assoc
When we got to their Saturday noon-2pm group play, Doug Ng, one of the Association Ambassadors took us under his wing and taught us everything pickleball.
We went from a 0.0 to 2.75 and my husband a 3.0 within 3 months!  Everyone at the Association is so friendly and willing to help us get better.  My goal in May was to become 2.75 by September 30, 2023.
Well it's only August 27th today, and I am already a 2.75 thanks to Doug and all the Association Members's help.
richmond bc

Whenever we are there for the Association Group plays, there is always an Ambassador who sets up a tent to block the blaring sun, and willing and able to help.
We feel so welcome, being new players!  Doug even tought my 2 daughters and my sister & brother in law to play so that we can play as a family.  What a healthy way to get together!
In addition to helping us become better PB players, the Association frequently has social events such the annual Picklelicious potluck event in July and the RBCPA Member Appreciation Summer Social in August where there were games, relays, and amazing prizes, not to mention the delicious food!  We've made many new friends with other members, almost like a new family.  Well, I hope this is good enough as I have a work deadline, but I really wanted to vote for my Association as the Ambassadors and members are really really amazing!
Patrick Batty
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