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Queen City Pickleball Hub – Regina, SK

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I had a great chat with Phil and Ray Greenwood last week and they provide me a wealth of information about their organization. I really enjoyed the talk and am looking forward to getting to Regina sometime soon.

The Queen City Pickleball Hub is a privately run facility in Regina, that is also in the process of building a new facility in Saskatoon as well.

Queen City is one of Canada's Best Pickleball Club Finalists in 2023.
Final VOTING for 2023 starts on Sept. 15 and ends Oct. 15, 2023.

Queen City Pickleball Hub – A Canada's Best Pickleball Club Finalist 2023

Here's some information they provide Pickleball Today, to describe their organization

Founded by Phil and Ray Greenwood, the Queen City Pickleball Hub is a premier indoor facility
that has quickly become the center of pickleball in Regina. Since its opening on June 24, 2021,
this state-of-the-art establishment has welcomed pickleball enthusiasts of all ages and skill
levels, offering a range of amenities and fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. With its
dedication to excellence, friendly atmosphere, and commitment to community engagement, the
Queen City Pickleball Hub has become the go-to destination for pickleball lovers in Regina.

They have a spacious and modern facility: Covering an impressive 30,000 square feet, the Queen City
Pickleball Hub boasts an indoor facility with 12 dedicated pickleball courts. These courts feature
high-quality picklepave surfaces and are individually fenced with gates, ensuring a secure and
enjoyable playing experience for all. The walls of the courts are painted in a dark blue color,
enhancing ball visibility, while recently installed LED lighting illuminates the playing area. With a
clearance of 24 feet and up to 28 feet between the beams, players have ample space to move
and compete comfortably.

Fully Stocked Pro Shop and Attentive Staff:
The Queen City Pickleball Hub prides itself on its fully stocked pro shop, offering players a wide
range of pickleball equipment and accessories. From paddles to apparel, the shop has
everything players need to enhance their game. Additionally, the pro shop provides demo
paddles, allowing players to test different models before making a purchase. Knowledgeable
and friendly attendants are always on duty, ready to offer expert advice and assistance to
players, ensuring they have the best experience possible.

Queen City Pickleball Hub 2

Convenient Location and Parking:
Situated in downtown Regina, next to Mosaic Stadium and the Brandt Center, the Queen City
Pickleball Hub benefits from a prime location. This makes it easily accessible for both local
players and out-of-town guests. The facility provides ample free parking, ensuring that players
can conveniently access the pickleball courts without any hassle.

Diverse Playing Opportunities:
The Queen City Pickleball Hub offers a range of playing opportunities to cater to players of
different skill levels. Pickleball Regina Inc., the organizing body associated with the facility,
manages numerous leagues, ladders, and drop-in sessions that are segregated by skill level.
This ensures that players can find suitable playing opportunities and compete against others at
a similar skill level. Private group play and court rentals are also available for those who prefer
to play with specific individuals or teams.

Tournaments and Events:
As a prominent pickleball destination, the Queen City Pickleball Hub hosts numerous
tournaments throughout the year. These events include prestigious competitions such as the
Saskatchewan Provincials and upcoming national championships.
Additionally, the facility
welcomes corporate events, creating opportunities for team-building and friendly competition.
Furthermore, the Queen City Pickleball Hub collaborates with local non-profit organization,

Pickleball Regina Inc., to promote the game of pickleball within the community, fostering a spirit
of inclusivity and community engagement.

Out-of-Town Events:
Whether or not tournaments are taking place in the Queen City Pickleball Hub or not, players
are always eager to participate. The Hub helps to facilitate their travels by offering its players
complimentary rides in their branded limousine, ensuring that competitors can make it to any
tournaments happening outside of the city.

Queen City Members Ride in Style to Out of Town Tournaments

Queen City Pickleball Hub Limo

Learning Programs and Youth Initiatives:
The Queen City Pickleball Hub offers comprehensive learning programs for players of all levels.
Whether players are just starting or seeking to improve their skills, the facility provides certified
instructors who are experienced in coaching beginners, intermediate players, and even
advanced 5.0 players. The facility also offers beginner and youth programs, creating
opportunities for new players and younger individuals to learn and enjoy the sport.

Welcoming and Social Atmosphere:
The Queen City Pickleball Hub prides itself on its friendly and welcoming environment. With
numerous volunteers always ready to help, players quickly feel like part of the pickleball family.
The facility serves as a social epicenter, connecting individuals and creating lasting friendships.
Out-of-town guests are warmly welcomed, ensuring that everyone feels at home while enjoying
their pickleball experience.

Bridge City Pickleball Hub in Saskatoon: Building on the success and experience gained in
Regina, the Queen City Pickleball Hub has recently opened an affiliated 8-court indoor club in
Saskatoon known as the Bridge City Pickleball Hub. This expansion aims to bring the same
level of excellence, community engagement, and pickleball excitement to players in Saskatoon,
further enriching the pickleball scene in the region.

The Queen City Pickleball Hub has quickly emerged as the premier destination for pickleball
enthusiasts in Regina. With its top-notch facilities, dedicated pickleball courts, fully stocked pro
shop, and inclusive community, the hub provides an exceptional experience for players of all
ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the game or a seasoned
player seeking competitive tournaments, the Queen City Pickleball Hub offers a welcoming
environment where everyone can enjoy the exhilarating sport of pickleball.

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