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Tyrol Club Bag

The Tyrol Club Bag comes in some great colours and stores an incredible amount for your next pickleball tournament. You can carry the Tyrol Tournament bag or wear it as a backpack.

If you are flying, this bag is carry-on capable, in a pinch I’ve even been able to carry a smaller laptop computer in it. There’s a nice side storage compartment for your favourite paddles.

Product Description

Are you heading out for a few-hour playing session at your local courts or pickleball club?

The Tyrol Club Bag is the perfect sized bag for a 2 or 3-hour court session when you need a number of items, but not nearly as much as you would for a full day or weekend tournament

The Tyrol Club Bag is a lightweight bag that can hold all the gear you need including paddles, snacks, and even shoes.

Tyrol Club Bag

This bag comes in some great colours.

This bag is a back-pack style pickleball bag that can be worn or carried.

It features, a humongous center pocket with full length high quality zipper for easy access to all of your gear,

It has a handy side storage compartment for paddles, and an inside zippered pocket for valuables.

And best of all it has well ventilated storage compartment for your shoes.

There is also an insulated side pocket that's perfect for snacks and drinks and a top zippered compartment for easy access to cell phones.

The bag is lightweight and made easy to carry with a sturdy top handle and Velcro side handle straps. The caliper-style fence clips allow you to keep your bag off the ground when you're out enjoying your time on the court.

I love the Tyrol Club  Bag. I think it's price is great for what you get.

Fun Fact: Even though we see Tyrol shoes being advertised on the PPA tour and worn by some use pros, Tyrol is a CANADIAN company based in Waterloo Ontario.

Tyrol's management also founded the Canadian Professional Pickleball League.

So let's give these folks some support



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