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Swiftnet Pickleball Net

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After rejecting another net system based on weight and hassle setting up I upgraded to Swiftnet.

Now I’ll admit, it costs about twice as much as the typical cheapie out there, but when it arrived, I discovered why.
By being constructed of carbon fibre and aluminum. (more expensive than steel)  it ends up weighing about half of all the other typical $150 to $250 steel-framed nets. (basically all the others)

The way it’s designed is really innovative and is fantastic, and due to the design, it takes about half the time to set up that the others do.

Due to it’s unique design, it automatically sets itself to the right height both on the sides and in the middle It has much more tension across the top tape so it has true pro-style performance.

I definitely love this thing.   If you are looking for a net for a home a club, to to take to a local spot, I recommend you go onto the page, and above all watch the VIDEO that shows them setting it up.

You’ll see what I mean about how much easier and quicker it is.

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Product Description

It weighs half of what most nets do.

It sets up in half the time.

Its unique design means the net is always at the proper height on the sides and in the middle, and balls don't get hung up in the net at the bottom like they do on lesser products.

The tension on the top tape is much tighter than most which gives real pro-style pickleball net performance.

Lots of room underneath for ball to easily roll under.

1 review for Swiftnet Pickleball Net

  1. Patrick Batty

    I am using Swiftnet for my club, and hauling around for when I teach lessons or play at facilities without nets.
    I think the design is wonderful and weighing in at about half of all the others is a great benefit too.

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