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Six Zero Sapphire Pickleball Paddle

The Six Zero Sapphire Paddle is a lower priced pro-style Tooray T700 Carbon Fibre Paddle in a 13 MM  extended length shape. It’s a perfect choice for a beginner or someone wanting a nice upgrade from their department store paddle or cheapie from Amazon.

Product Description

There is no bigger gap in pickleball paddles than going from a $40 – 50$ Amazon slab of honeycomb polymer and fibreglass to a reasonably priced high-quality paddle like the Six Zero Sapphire.


The Six Zero Sapphire is one of the best examples of such a paddle. It offers Premium level control and power, in an elongated paddle shape but at an entry-level price for a pro-shop level paddle. Instead of fibreglass, it has 2023's most popular high-end paddle surface, which is Tooray T700 Carbon fibre.


That surface will allow you to put topspin on your shots to get them to dip over the net, or drop like a baseball slider pitch when you want to serve hard and deep. Six Zero had some of the most popular paddles in pickleball for 2023.

When I started playing with it, I noticed an immediate improvement. And I am not kidding. I've developed more confidence in my serve.  I started hitting more accurately, and quite a bit harder, and with a reasonable amount of topspin. It just feels great. I thank SIx Zero.


I am truly impressed with the Six Zero Sapphire. It has a large sweet spot, and is 13 MM thick so it would fall into the hybrid category, which would be a blend of power and control. If you are looking for more touch  on your dinks and short shots, but a decent amount of power for your drives and serves, this ALL ROUNDER paddle is just the ticket and is very reasonable priced.


At about $120 Canadian is certainly won't break the bank, Copy and use our coupon code PICKLEBALLTODAY you'll also get  a nice 10% discount and FREE SHIPPING to CANADA. To look these over or get one, just click here to go to Six Zero and don't forget to use our coupon code mentioned aboven to grab the discount and free shipping to Canada.

SIx Zero is not a massive corporation. It's a smaller business based in Australia. (Although they ship from the US. But as we said, free to Canada with our coupon code.) Use Coupon code: PICKLEBALL today for a nice 10% discount and FREE SHIPPING



Registered Approval Body: USA Pickleball

Face material: 700K Japanese Toray Carbon

Length: 16.5” / 420mm

Width: 7.5” / 190 mm

Core Thickness: 0.51” / 13mm

Grip Length: 5.6” / 142mm

Grip circumference: 4.25” / 108mm

Average Weight:  7.9-8.0 ounces /  225-228gm +/- 5gm


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