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Six Zero Black Diamond Pickleball Paddle

The 16 MM Six Zero Black Diamond is the originator textured fibreglass face, combined with a unique “tournament” shape, thermoforming, and the entire perimeter of this one piece paddle is wrapped in carbon fibre to give the paddle extra strength and durability.

Product Description

Six Zero had some of the most popular paddles in pickleball for 2023.

The Six Zero Black Diamond led the world to the benefits of 1) the structural benefits of thermoforming a paddle, and 2) the additional benefit of a hybrid shape that gets slightly wider at the top of the paddle, hence giving the paddle an enormous sweet spot.

The SIx Zero Black Diamond has a textured fibreglass face that is durable and has the same spin characteristics as the popular Six Zero Double Black Diamond.

The Black Diamond is the Power Paddle of the DIamond Series from Six Zero

The Black Diamond a 16 MM and most people say it's extremely easy to control despite being a hard hitting power paddle.

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