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REV Aria Pickleball Paddle

The REV Aria Paddle is a value-priced T700 Carbon Fibre paddle, that is 16 MM thick. It has the absolute grittiest surface and enables play with massive spin. I love this paddle.  It was an amazing upgrade from the typical run-of-the-mill Amazon paddles.

My serve immediately improved when I switched to this.

Product Description

Cool. I just swung a deal for Canadians that want an excellent all-round paddle at a super price.
The paddle is called the Rev Aria.

You may not have heard of it because I may have had the first and maybe only one in Canada for a while.(I bought one 4 months ago) and it's not carried by retailers up here.
But let me tell you. This paddle is great.

The Rev Aria T700 Carbon Fibre face has the absolute grittiest surface I have in my paddle collection, which includes paddles about twice the price.

This paddle, therefore allows me to put an amazing top spin on my serves.

That top spin enabled me to go from a terrible server to a very good one in a week or two. Even now, I remember the fist serve I took with the paddle, I said “Holy (*&^ this thing is amazing! I think I'm going to like this.”

I've done a number of clinics where I allow people to use my paddles, the REV ARIA has always been popular, especially with the women for some reason. It's light, it looks good, and it feels really good. So maybe the girls are onto something.

So here's the deal I worked out with the folks at REV earlier today.
Normally REV charges between $22 and $61 USD for shipping.

The $61 shipping is the fastest method. I know.. who would really pay that much to ship a paddle? But that's what UPS charges for their fastest method.

Anyway, this is now fixed. if you order using PBTODAY as your discount code, shipping, even the fastest method (the normally $61 dollar one is totally free.)

When I bought it, I paid for shipping but I paid for the cheap version of shipping and it took a heck of a along time. But now that you can get the FASTEST shipping for not even a single loonie. This is an absolutely great deal.
To pick one up or to see more, just go to And remember to use PBTODAY to get the deal.



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