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PPA Announces 3 Canadian Signings for 2024

Genie Bouchard PPA

In a flurry of activity this past few weeks the PPA tour has an ounces the signing 3 new Canadian player signings for 2024 and beyond,

In 3 separate announcement, the PPA announced the signings of Angie and Alex Walker of Vancouver BC, and Canadian Tennis star Genie Bouchard of Montreal, of Montreal, Quebec,

Bouchard has been ranked as high as 5th in the world in the WTA, has been a Wimbledon Finalist,and with this move brings her skills and abilities to the world of Professional Pickleball.

The PPA, in their announcement said Bouchard’s signing was one the the biggest signings of the year.

Genie Bouchard PPA

Other very important and well deserved signings are those of Canadian sister, Alex Walker and Angie Walker.

We met both of them last weekend in Edmonton at the Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL)western Split in Edmonton, AB. We will upload an interview from that tournament shortly.

Angie Waller, of West Vancouver, BC has been a college tennis player and currently plays Professional Pickleball in the Canadian Professional Pickleball League for the West Coast Wolverines.

Angie has also played various PPA events i the past.

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Alex Walker, also of West Vancouver, had played NCAA Division 1 tennis at the University of Montana and is member of the Rockies MountainRush of the CNPA

Alex Walker PPA

Canadians get behind our athletes, no matter what the sport, and Pro Pickleball is no exception.brings the PPA . These signings bring the PPA up to 5 Canadians at this point along with Canada’s top two players, Steve Deakin and Catherine Parenteau.

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