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Pickleball Today – The POD Episode 2

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This is our first  “OFFICIAL” Episode of Pickleball Today – The POD. 

Last week's POD was a public beta.

The POD is an extension of Pickleball Today – Canada's National Pickleball News Source.

If it's Canadian Pickleball oriented, we'll cover it on The Pod

Your Hosts are Patrick Batty, and Jonathan Tin.

If you prefer video, you can also watch Episode 2 of Pickleball Today – The POD here on YouTube.

This is a jam packed episode in which we talk about:

  • Gen 3 Paddle problems and even delistings of Joola Gen 3 paddles from the USAPA approved lists.
  • A paddle that was found to have a “foreign substance” on it, why, who, and what may happen if it was intentional.
  • What we are planning with the Pickleball Today – The Pod Podcast going forward
  • A quick intro by both Jonathan and Patrick
  • The upcoming CNPL pro tournament in Mississauga, Ontario.
  • The upcoming CPA Pro Tour
  • New Paddles from Selkirk that I have played, and truly enjoyed.
  • A special Edition new Paddle from Six Zero. The Triple Black Diamond – Willinator Edition
  • Other Upcoming tournaments in Canada.
  • And generally a few other things that we thought worthwhile.

For more info on the upcoming Six Zero Launch at 6 PM on Sunday go to SIx Zero

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