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Pickleball Starter Sets are Very Inexpensive

No Need to Break the Bank to Get Started with Pickleball

pickleball starter setpickleball starter set

It may not be considered pro level, but we love the idea of pickleball starter sets.

We ‘re admittedly  addicted to pickleball, and therefore are not afraid to spend money on our equipment.

After all, it's a passion, and pickleball is an incredibly affordable sport compared to most others. 

Before I had a pickleball starter set, when my daughter, husband and 3 1/2 year old wanted it to give try a try I brought out some of my regular paddles. They are typically paddles in the $100 – $175 range.

However, I decided it probably wasn't the best idea when my grandson decided he like my beautiful new Selkirk SLK EVO 2.0 paddle because it was so danged colourful.

He also decided quickly it was easier to hit a ball on the ground than in the air, and figured out that new  SLK would make a tremendous hockey stick.    

So he was running around the court smashing the ball along the ground, and the court in the process.  Eeek!

Being it was his first time on a pickleball court I decided not to be a killjoy and let him go for a bit. 
He had a blast, and whenever I see him now he wants to go play pickleball, Austin Mathews style!

Anyway, when I got home I cleaned up the edge guard all around and it was OK.

However definitely a better play would have been to have had a Pickleball Starter Set that I could have bought for the price of that one paddle. (or any of my others for that matter.)

For anyone considering a pickleball starter set here are a few main points to look for:

  • pickleball starter sets come in sets with 2 pickleball paddles or 4 pickleball paddles
  • most include a bag and a few balls
  • some even include a net
  • I would suggest you stick to sets that have polymer honeycomb cores, with either fibreglass, graphite or carbon fibre faces.
  • avoid aluminum or wooden paddles, or anything that seems like toy.

I find the simplest and most affordable place to get a Pickleball Starter set is on Amazon. If you Prime you don't pay for shipping.
I decided to pick up a set for the kids. They seem to be enjoying it. And even if the grandson continues to play hockey with it, not much harm done.
And if they all get into a sport, well then, we all win.
This is the set I got them.

And this is a cool looking and great valued 2 paddle set I could see as appropriate for some couples starting out.

Patrick Batty
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