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Pickleball in the Heat, Summer Gear Storage, Pickleball Fans and More: EP: 6


Summary In this episode of Pickleball Today – The POD, Pat and Mark discuss the recent hot weather and its impact on pickleball.

They also talk about recent pickleball events, including the CPA Pro Tour and Major League Pickleball. They mention the growing excitement among fans and the benefits of watching team events.

They also mention their sponsor, Crown Pickleball, and the quality of their pickleballs.

Mark shares his experience organizing a singles tournament at Corte.

Mark talks about who should be making calls in Doubles Play.

Mark and Pat discuss the importance of communication and calling shots in pickleball. 

Additionally, they share updates on upcoming pickleball tournaments and new paddle products.


  • Hot weather can impact pickleball play and tournaments.
  • The CPA Pro Tour and Major League Pickleball are gaining popularity among fans.
  • Team events in pickleball seem to be very enjoyable for spectators.
  • Crown Pickleball offers affordable and high-quality pickleballs.
  • Agreeing on how to call balls in doubles play is important for effective communication.
  • Clear communication during a game is important, such as using the word ‘you' to indicate who should take a shot.
  • Upcoming pickleball tournaments include the WRC Canada Day Classic in Whistler, the SCPA Members Only Tournament in Sherwood Park, and the National Championships in Bedford, Nova Scotia.
  • The company 6-0 Paddles is expanding and launching new paddle models, including the 14 millimeter Ruby and the value line called Quartz.
  • Crown Pickleball is sponsoring the podcast and offering a great deal on 100 balls.


  • The Impact of Hot Weather on Pickleball
  • The Benefits of Team Events in Pickleball Partner Responsibility in Calling Shots
  • Clear Communication for Better Gameplay

Sound Bites

  • “The CPA Pro Tour was a great success for a start for a new tour in Canada.”
  • “Women's doubles just seems to be the most intense.”
  • “Crown Pickleball: Affordable and high-quality pickleballs.”
  • “It's your partner's responsibility to call those balls out for you.”
  • “Only one person should ever make the call.”
  • “Say the word no or ole or let it bounce.”


00:00 Introduction

01:00 It's Hot!

03:00 New Articles on Pickleball Today

03:30 Catherine Parenteau – Blocks and Counterattacks

05:00 The Success of the CPA Pro Tour – Toronto

06:00 Pickleball Fans and Excitement of Watching Women's Doubles

09:30 Pickleball and Betting

10:00 TV and Online Pickleball Viewing Sources

13: 00 Crown Pickleball

16:00 Hot Weather Pickleball Ball and Paddle Storage

17:30 Etiquette in Pickleball: Calling Balls In or Out

22:50 Expansion of Saugeen Shores Pickleball @ Lakeshore Rec. & Fitness

23:50 The Fairgrounds – Toronto

24:30 New Six Zero Paddles and Factory

27:00 Upcoming Pickleball Tournaments in Canada

36:36 Thank You and Outro


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