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Parkland Pickleheads Pickleball Club, Spruce Grove, AB

Parkland Pickleheads, in beautiful Spruce Grove, ABis a Canada's best Pickleball Club Finalist for 2023

Parkland Pickleheads Pickleball Club 1

Why Should Parkland Pickleheads Be Voted Canada's Best Pickleball Club 2023

Why should Parkland Pickleheads Pickleball Club be voted the Best Pickleball Club in Canada?

Parkland Pickleheads Pickleball Club (PPPC) recognizes that winning the title of Canada's Best Pickleball Club 2023, by Pickleball Today requires showcasing some of its outstanding attributes, achievements, and contributions. As contenders for Canada's Best Pickleball Club title, they eagerly unveiled some notable attributes, achievements, and contributions.

Parkland Pickleheads Pickleball Club - The View
Parkland Pickleheads Pickleball Club – What a View


  • Club Legacy and Development: Founded in the summer of 2012 in Spruce Grove, Alberta, PPPC's journey traces back to humble beginnings with around 30 founding members. Today, they have over 500 active participants, reflecting a commitment to nurturing the sport's growth. Emerging from residents who cultivated their passion for pickleball while wintering in the United States, their fervour for the game rapidly spread across the tri-municipalregion and beyond, firmly establishing its presence in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Parkland County, and various other surrounding communities in Alberta. The steady growth attests to its enduring dedication to growth.
  • Quality Facilities: Recognizing the importance of the game to its community, the City of Spruce refurbished tennis courts in 2017 to provide the club with 12 pickleball courts, currently located within Henry Singer Park in Spruce Grove. The club recently embraced the opportunity to expand beyond these 12 courts. This thriving club embarked  a new chapter by venturing into constructing 24 state-of-the-art courts in Parkland County, with an expected opening by spring 2025, if not sooner. This commitment to creating a stellar playing experience for members and visitors underscores their ongoing pursuit of excellence.
  •  Diverse Membership: The club's essence thrives through diversity and inclusivity.Membership spans ages, skill levels, and backgrounds, fostering a powerful sense of belonging. From budding talents to seasoned 4.5+ players, its offerings cater to all levels, ensuring everyone is embraced by this pickleball family. Daily round-robin sessions, open play opportunities, and unique All Levels play twice a week cultivate camaraderie, inclusivity, and cross-generational interaction. During their Pickleball Alberta Day celebration, they further demonstrated a commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all by showcasing a pickleball wheelchair demonstration.
Parkland Pickleheads Wheelchair Pickleball
Parkland Pickleheads Pickleball Club  Wheelchair Pickleball – Alberta Days

Expanding the Game and Cultivating Tomorrow's Players

  • Cultivating Tomorrow's Players: The future of pickleball hinges on nurturing the passion of our youth. Designed to be inclusive, their current junior program imparts invaluable skills to 26 young members. Providing free equipment, lessons, drills, and play opportunities, ignites a lifelong love for the sport. Loyal members' dedicated volunteer efforts further enrich this initiative, fostering an environment where junior players flourish. Club juniors participated in last year's Inaugural Pickleball Alberta Jamboree in Red Deer, showcasing their blossoming talent.
  • Collaborations: PPPC believes its commitment to fostering pickleball's future extends beyond the courts. Opening courts to schools, summer camps, and sports clubs creates pathways for youth to engage in healthy, active lives. This dedication exemplifies a mission to contribute to the broader community's well-being.
  • Skill Development: PPPC's impact goes beyond simply offering a place to play. Skill development thrives through coaching, training programs, and clinics. Passionate members organize free Drill Clinics every Saturday morning, and qualified member coaches offer lessons throughout the year. Collaborations with elite players like Steve Deakin, and Charles Neufeldt, elevate their offerings, ensuring their club is a hub of continuous improvement.
    • Community Involvement: Pickleball is more than just a game; it's a vehicle for community betterment. o PPPC members volunteer at local events like the Stony Plain Rodeo and Canada Day Celebrations.Their recent partnership with the Sand Hills Community League for new court construction amplifies its commitment to creating bridges between communities. Both parties are excited about this partnership as it will benefit the pickleball club and the Community League.
    • PPPC supports their local Food Bank by accepting donations during some of its tournaments. Hosting quality tournaments supports their business community by attracting playerand their families to the area.
  • Active Participation: Celebrating engagement and contributions, this club's pride lies in its engaged members, who are active in club activities, tournaments, and social events. Exclusive fun tournaments, for example, celebrate spirited play and underscore the dedication of volunteers. They have an upcoming Volunteer Appreciation event demonstrating gratitude for those who make small and large successes possible.
  •  Commitment to Sportsmanship: Club commitment extends to promoting sportsmanship, fair play, and respect among members and opponents. They prioritize the well-being of members, fostering an environment where positive interactions thrive. They strive to support members' physical, social, and emotional health by encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle. The Board members regularly review policies and practices to ensure they keep up with the rules and regulations, as well as the changing needs of its members and the overall sport. Staying on top of all aspects of this fast-growing sport is paramount for the club and sports success.

Triumphs in Tournaments

  • Triumphs in Tournament Excellence: Members' achievements in regional, national, and international tournaments testify to PPPC's commitment to competitive excellence. Medal placements, like Sean McCartan's Golden Ticket win to US Nationals and Gloris Wipf's Triple Crown at the Wylder Cup, as well as several recent podium placements at the Western Regionals, Alberta Provincials, and Alberta 55+ games, showcase the club's dedication to
    mastery of competitive excellence.
  • Other Achievements and Events: Their accomplishments extend to hosting successful, bustling tournaments that draw participants from far and wide. With hosted events like the Alberta Provincial Championships, this club stimulates local economies while fostering a culture of competitive excellence.
    • Due to the club’s solid reputation of hosting outstanding tournaments, it was considered for Western Regional Championships and the National Championships. Unfortunately, they could not pursue this due to the limited number of courts to accommodate such a large event. The 24 new courts with increased parking, access to washrooms, and a community food concession will allow them to consider this in the future.
    • PPPC helped promote the game by celebrating Alberta Pickleball Day. This year, it shared Pickleball Alberta’s title of Club with the Most Alberta Pickleball Day spirit with Carstairs. Last year it was awarded, Most Photogenic for all the ‘photo bar’ participants
Parkland Pickleheads Most Photogenic
Parkland Pickleheads Most Photogenic
      • Many of its members do more than play the game. They are certified referees contributing to PPPCs and other clubs’ tournaments. In 2022 Garand Jones refereed over 1300 games that year. Their very own President, Gloria Wipf has just been recognized for her achievement of being the First Canadian Certified Referee to be certified in Canada as a Pickleball Canada Certified Referee. Two other members, Julie and Brian Sribney were just awarded the Pickleball Alberta Official of the year award for 2023.
  • Strength in Sponsorship and Partnerships: Local businesses and organizations recognize the value the club brings to the community. Their sponsorships and support reinforce the club's role as a key player in their region.
  • Club Presence: PPPC's influence goes beyond their home courts.
    • The club and its members are often recognized in news features, articles, or interviews highlighting the individuals or club's achievements, contributions, and positive impact on the community.
    • Part of a vibrant community, they promote the club and sport by participating in local trade shows.
    • PPPC club members currently serve on the Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada Board
  • Testimonials: The PPPC has letters of support from members, supporters, and partners that speak to the positive experiences, camaraderie, and personal growth fostered by the club, encouraging the expansion of 24 new courts. Letters of support include; Parkland County, City of Spruce Grove; Marg Ouimet, a founding member of the club; Corrie Lewis, local farmer and business owner as well as Sand Hills Community Board Member; Darwin Bozek, non-club member user of the courts, Leslie Srogen, a PPPC club member and instructor.
  • Online Presence: The PPPC offers a club website and social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. They also communicate with members through WhatsApp and Signup Genius, and tournaments are promoted on This online engagement reflects a dedication to communication, member interaction, and information sharing.

 Instagram: @parklandpickleheads
 Facebook Parkland Pickleheads

The Parkland Pickleheads Pickleball Club certainly is more than just a club where one can play pickleball; it's a place where unity thrives, the community flourishes, and dedication shines through. Its commitment to building camaraderie, upholding fun and fair play, and striving for excellence goes beyond the boundaries of the game.

The club expressed that it is humbled by the chance to be considered Canada's Best Pickleball Club. Through its diverse membership, top-notch facilities in the making, youth engagement, skill enhancement, community involvement, and competitive achievements, with the aim to enhance the essence of pickleball, they believe they exceed in what it takes to be the best.

Do you feel they are a shining example of what the best pickleball club in Canada has to offer?

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