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Joola Paddle Update, CPA Pro Tour with Yui See Lau, Catherine Parenteau and More Ep: 4

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In this episode of the Pickleball Today Podcast, Mark and Patrick discuss various topics including an update on Joola paddle controversy, the CPA Pro Tour, Catherine Parenteau,  the importance of proper pickleball shoes, and Patrick's favorite books. 
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Pickleball Today The POD 1920 x 1080 1

  • The Joola paddle controversy: The USAPA banned Joola paddles due to an administrative problem with the testing process. USAPA testing is somewhat fluid, but Joola messed up too.
  • The CPA Pro Tour: Yui See Lau joins us today to discuss the CPA Pro Tour in Canada, which aims to provide opportunities for amateur players to compete at a high level.
  • Catherine Parenteau is a top-ranked pickleball player in women's singles and doubles, and her training videos are now available on Pickleball Today.
  • The importance of proper pickleball shoes: Mark emphasizes the importance of wearing pickleball-specific shoes for better support and movement on the court.
  • Patrick's favorite pickleball books: Patrick recommends a book on court positioning in pickleball, which has helped him improve his game. 
  • Book recommendation: ‘Mastering the Mental Game of Pickleball' by Joe Baker focuses on the mental aspect of the game and helps players avoid making mental mistakes.
  • Tournament formats vary, but round robin style allows players to get more playtime and warm up before the playoffs.
  • Watching tournaments can be a great way to learn from skilled players and get more comfortable with the tournament atmosphere.
  • Trying different paddles is important to find the right fit, and there are new paddle brands coming to Canada that offer more options for players.
  • Upcoming tournaments in Canada include the CPA Pro Tour, Atlantic Regionals, PB Sport Open, Tecumseh International, British Open, and Parkland Pickleheads Season Opener.

  • The Importance of Proper Pickleball Shoes
  • Patrick's Favorite Book on Court Positioning New Paddle Brands Coming to Canada
  • The Importance of Trying Different Paddles in Pickleball
Sound Bites

  • “So we're going by the USAP rulings. So until we get an update right now, something that we're allowing at our events.”
  • “We've been able to be creative and stay in the game and then stay in the game in a big way still, obviously now expanding over to China where I'm also pretty actively working in as well.”
  • “Catherine Parenteau is number two. She's rated number two worldwide, both in women's singles and women's doubles.”
  • “At the Line Pickleball is the best book I've read out of maybe 20”
  • “So many of my own mistakes are mental mistakes”
  • “I personally like the round robin style”=

00:00 Introduction to the CPA Pro Tour and CNPL
05:44 CPA Pro Tour with Yui See Lau
14:30 Crown Pickleball
16:31 Catherine Parenteau
20:47 A Bit of OT Edmonton Oilers Talk
21:50 The Importance of Proper Pickleball Shoes
26:39 Favourite Pickleball Books and Some Coaching from Mark
33:29 Pickleball Tours
36:05 Tournament Formats
42:13Upcoming Pickleball Tournaments Across Canada
50:52 Summary and Thanks for Liking, Sharing, Following, Subscribing
51:35pickleball today outro.mp3
Our website is: Pickleball Today
Your Hosts: Patrick Batty, Mark Bittorf
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