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It’s Pickle Tournament Season in Canada

pickleball tournament canadaRed Deer, AB Pickleball Courts.

Do you think pickleball tournaments as a summer thing in Canada?
It sure looks like it to me.

I'm going to be playing in just my second pickleball tournament of the year on Canada Day Weekend.
In my case I'll be at the Good Games, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Ya, only my second, but I play pickleball about 5 times per week

However, as I scam Pickleball Brackets tournament website go to tournaments and Search for Canada I am somewhat astounded by the number ot pickleball tournaments in Canada this summer.

On that site alone there are 58 tournaments in Canada listed from now until mid August.

I'd hazard a guess that there would also be near that many between then and the und of September.

Another type pf tournament would be Canadian Pickleball Club tournaments for their own club members.
Given the number of clubs we have now, I'd expect that number to at least be 200 per year, and possibly half of that to be in the summer.

So we're talking over 200 pickleball tournaments in Canada this summer..

Clearly we are doing a lot of specuation on numbers in this post, because there is no source for all the Canadian tournaments.

One sure thing however, it that with the grown of Canadian pickleball and the increasing skill levels of Canadian pickleball players, there be more tournaments in Canada this year, than any year before.


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