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How to Hit an Overhead Smash in Pickleball

3 great pickleball coaches show you how to execute the perfect Overhead Smash

How to overhead smash in pickleball

When I started playing pickleball, I found the overhead smash to be my most difficult shot. It's easier now that I've taken some lessons, but the overhead smash is still probably my weakest shot in my arsenal.

The Pickleball Overhead Smash as taught by 3 of the Best Instructors in Pickleball

I still find a pickleball overhead smash kind of hard so I am watching these videos each day, and trying to do the drill as taught by Jordan Briones, as well as the lesson here taught by the head of Coaching Education for Pickleball Canada, Canadian Pro Mark Renneson, and Barrett Kincheloe, the coach of one of my training plans that I purchased a number of months back

Here's Mark's Video. This one is a little old, but the overhead smash principles have not changed a bit.

How to Hit an Overhead Smash in Pickleball – Video 1

Pickleball Overhead Smash Video 1

Next up is some pickleball overhead smash training by pickleball coaching phenom and wonderful guy, Jordan Briones.

Included in this training is a great drill you can do against a wall or your house or at a club, or even on the school up the street like I do. Here's Jordan's video.

How to Hit an Overhead Smash in Pickleball – Video 2

Pickleball Overhead Smash Video 2

How to Hit Overhead Smash in Pickleball – Video 3

And finally we have this extremely comprehensive video by the wonderful Pickleball Coach Barrett Kincheloe.

Pickleball Overhead Smash Video 3

There you have. I've lost my excuses for the smash being a wek point of my game, and hopefully so have you.

Let's get out there and Play Some Pickleball
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