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Hockey, Volleys, DUPR Nights, Paddle Discounts EP:7

Patrick Batty - Pickleball Today

In Episode 7, Mark and Patrick discuss their recent pickleball activities and share updates from their club. They also talk about training tips, a ladies-only DUPR night, and the importance of endurance in tournaments.

They mention the DUPR rating system and its benefits for fair competition.

Additionally, they discuss various paddle brands and the discounts available on their website as well as paddle options and price ranges

In this conversation, Patrick Batty and Mark Bittorf discuss various topics related to pickleball equipment and strategies.

The conversation then shifts to the topic of handling lobs in pickleball and the strategies behind it. They discuss the importance of communication with your partner and the need to hit soft and controlled shots when running forward. The conversation ends with a discussion about upcoming plans for the Canada Day long weekend.

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  • Pickleball players can improve their game by focusing on training and practicing specific shots, such as the volley shot.
  • Hosting ladies-only DUPR nights can provide a competitive and enjoyable experience for female players.
  • The DUPR rating system helps ensure fair competition in tournaments by placing players in appropriate skill categories based on their ratings.
  • Endurance is important in pickleball tournaments, and participating in longer playing sessions can help build stamina.
  • There are various paddle brands available, and players can take advantage of discounts offered on the Pickleball Today website. There are various paddle options available for pickleball, price ranges go from about $69 to over $300 and all paddles have a minimum discount.
  • When handling lobs in pickleball, it is important to communicate with your partner and decide who will go for the lobs.
  • The recommended shots to use when returning lobs are drop shots into the kitchen or returning the lob with another lob.
  • When running forward to hit a ball, try to hit it soft and controlled to allow more time to get back into position.
  • The Canada Day long weekend is a popular time for boating and enjoying the water.


  • Building Endurance for Tournaments
  • Training Tips and Ladies-Only Duper Night Enjoying the Canada Day Long Weekend
  • Exploring Pickleball Equipment and Prices

Sound Bites

  • “When you're in ready position, holding that paddle at 11 o'clock, if you're right-handed, it'd be one o'clock. If you're left-handed slightly to that backhand, just easier to defend your body and your shots on the backhand.”
  • “Some ladies wanted to just play against themselves and enjoy those type of games.”
  • “If you sign up for a tournament in DUPR, then it's based on your rating, you will be put into the category that you belong instead of just assigning yourself to a category.”


00:00 From Hockey to Pickleball: Transitioning to the Main Topic

04:25 Improving Skills with Training Videos and Practice

06:13 Creating a Competitive Environment with Ladies-Only Nights

07:24 The Importance of the Duper Rating System for Tournaments

12:29 Exploring Paddle Discounts and Partnerships

28:40 Tips for Handling Lobs in Pickleball

30:54 Communication Strategies for Dealing with Lobs

37:51 Upcoming Plans for Canada Day Weekend

43:13 Pickleball Today Outro video.mp4

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