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Pickleball Today Episode 1 – The Pod

Pickleball Today The POD 1920 x 1080 1

This episode is just a public BETA.
We wanted to test out some tech and very briefly provide and intro to the show.
The next Episode up in a week and will be on all podcast platforms as well as YouTube.

We have finally launched a podcast we had thought about for a number of months. We call our podcast 

Pickleball Today – The POD

WE cover everything about pickleball of interest to Canadian Players and Fans.

You'll be able to find / listen to Pickleball Today – The Pod on all popular podcast sources including:
Apple Podcasts
Amazon Music

and  naturall, right here via our website.

Episode 1 is simply a Beta / Soft Launch episode where I briefly talk about what our plans for the podcast, and work out some of the tech.

Patrick Batty
the authorPatrick Batty
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