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Embarrassing Hot Mics, Big Wins, and Making Sense of Paddle Testing EP: 8

A New Chat Community for Pickleball, Some Big Winners on Tour, some Hot Mics and More

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In this episode, Patrick Batty discusses various topics related to pickleball. He introduces a new community called The North, where players can have discussions and share information.

Pickleball Today – The Pod Episode: 8

He also highlights notable Canadian players who performed well in recent tournaments and mentions the upcoming Canada's Best Pickleball Club contest.

We talk briefly about a Canadian Pro that had a bit of an embarrassing hot mic incident recently

Patrick does his best provide updates on paddle testing and the different standards set by the USAPA and UPA.

He concludes by sharing a list of upcoming pickleball tournaments in Canada.

Here's the Audio Only Version

00:00 Introduction and Overview

04:40 Introducing The North: A New Community for Canadian Pickleball Players

08:37 Crown Pickleball – Thank You

12:33 Notable Canadian Players Shine in the PPA Tournament

13:40 Six Zero Pickleball – Thank You

16:02 Hot Mic Slip Up – Oops

25:17 Seeking a National Sponsor for Canada's Best Pickleball Club Contest

27:28 Making Sense of Paddle Testing and Approval

31:46 Paddle Testing for Professional Players

37:46 No Need to Worry About Paddle Approval for Regular Players

46:22 Upcoming Pickleball Tournaments in Canada


  • The North – a Pickleball Community is a new free discussion community for pickleball players to have discussions and share information.
  • Several Canadian players performed well in recent tournaments, including Catherine Parenteau and Steve Deakin.
  • One Canadian player had an Embarrassing Hot Mic incident
  • Canada's Best Pickleball Club contest will be held again this year, allowing players to nominate and vote for their favorite clubs.
  • Paddle testing standards differ between the USAPA and UPA, with the USAPA being the standard for amateur players and the UPA for professional players.
  • There are several upcoming pickleball tournaments in Canada, providing opportunities for players to compete and have fun.

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