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East Coast Rock Pickleball Club – St. Johns. NL

East Coast Rock Pickleball Club (maybe the happiest club in Canada) is an official Canada's Best Pickleball Club Finalist for 2023

East Coast Rock Pickleball Club

East Coast Rock Pickleball Club in St. Johns, NL, may not be the biggest club in Canada, but man, are they enthusiastic, and they may have more fun than any other club.
They received more nomination votes than any other club in Canada. Let's face it… We all love Newfoundlanders.  I know I do, thats for certain.

East Coast Rock is one of Canada's Best Pickleball Club Finalists in 2023.

Final VOTING for 2023 starts on Sept. 15 and ends Oct. 15, 2023.

East Coast Rock Pickleball Club – Most Nominated Pickleball Club in Canada's Best Pickleball Club 2023

With its diverse membership, lively culture and dedication to giving back to the community, the East Coast Rock Pickleball Club in St. John's, Newfoundland, a Canada's Best Pickleball Club Finalist for 2023 has become one of the city's fastest growing communities both on and off the court. Through their tireless efforts in promoting the sport of pickleball, they have become an integral part of the sports community in St. John's. East Coast Rock players are fun, friendly, and always up for a game of pickleball and kitchen party to celebrate, no matter the outcome.

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Celebrating its 2nd anniversary this September, the club proudly boasts a diverse membership of 375 active players, with an age range that showcases the sport's universal appeal. Their roster includes a mix of women and men who have all come together for their mutual love of the game

 East Coast Rock Pickleball Club – The Dirty Dozen and the Dinkers

Nicknamed the “Dirty Dozen (and a half) Dinkers,” the club's ever-expanding team of volunteers rose from 12 to 18 in 2023, reflecting the growing enthusiasm for the sport. The group of volunteers organizes free monthly skills clinics and a weekly Wednesday Club Day, which focuses on skill development and nurturing new players – both are a testament to the club's commitment to both the sport and its growing membership.

The East Coast Rock Pickleball Club also knows how to have a good time! Hosting three major themed tournaments each year, including a Christmas Tournament, a Halloween Tournament, and a uniquely Newfoundland-themed pickleball tournament, the club has successfully infused a sense of fun and inclusivity into the sport.

Moreover, the club is extremely active on social media, where game sign-ups, birthday celebrations, article shares, and daily engagement with the pickleball community takes place. Their weekly Prime Time League offers a chance for a more competitive play, keeping score and maintaining standings for a set number of weeks every season.

The club's passion for community service is as notable as their passion for the sport. Thanks to member generosity, the club has made significant contributions to both local and global causes, including the Fiona Relief Fund, The Red Cross, The Gathering Place, and the Newfoundland KidSport Foundation. They have managed to raise over $5,000 in cash, in addition to food and clothing donations.

The East Coast Rock Pickleball Club's submission for the Top Pickleball Club in Canada award is a testament to their commitment to the sport, their members, and the community.  They look forward to fostering a love for pickleball in the years to come.

East Coast Rock Pickleball Club Donation

“We’ve come a long way from 5 people sitting at a table and toying with the idea of us forming a committee to start the 1st Pickleball Club affiliated with PCO in Nl. At that time our hopes were to get about 40 people to join, little did I know we would blow up in a year to 240 and to 375 members in 16 months ! It goes to show how Pickleball is growing and becoming more and more popular. If you can’t join a club in your community then why not start one, as the saying goes, build it and they will come!”

Donna Aylward, President

ECROCK Pickleball Club Inc. 

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