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CPA Pro Tour, Pickleball Chicks, Playing Better Players



In this conversation, Pickleball Today hosts, Patrick Batty and Mark Bittorf discuss their weekend activities and introduce their special guest, Sharon Ricci, the founder of Pickleball Chicks.

Pickleball Chicks

  • Sharon talks about the challenges women face in pickleball tournaments and the need for a supportive and inclusive environment, and more about her organization and their tournaments, and more.
  • They also discuss an upcoming tournament hosted by Pickleball Chicks in Canada.

CPA Pro Tour

  • The conversation then shifts to a review of the CPA Pro Tour finals, highlighting the medalists in various categories.

Coaching Tips

  • Mark shares some coaching tips, involving playing better players in recreational games to improve one's own game.
  • He also a weekly training schedule for pickleball players looking to improve their skills.

Canadian Pickleball Tournaments

  • Finally, Pat wraps up with our weekly cross country Canadian Pickleball Tournament list.
00:00Into Pickleball Today Ep: 5
04:00 Pickleball Chicks – Sharon Ricci
22:23 Upcoming Tournament in Cambridge, Ontario
23:24 Congratulations to Hi Sports and the CPA Pro Tour
25:00 CPA Pro Tour Overview, celebration of the medalists
32:36 The Exciting Women's Doubles Finals
36:07 Improving Your Game with Targeted Training
39:23 Upcoming Tournaments in Canada
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Sound Bites

  • “We don't give out medals. We give out pickleball chick crowns.”
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