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CPA Pro Tour Launch a Resounding Success

Canada's Best Pickleball Players play in inaugural CPA Pro Tour event

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Over a period of 4 days in early June about 400 pickleball players from across Canada descended on Oshawa, Ontario to participate the inaugural tour stop of the recently founded CPA Pro Tour.

The CPA Pro Tour – Toronto stop of the tour turned into a resounding success over that period.

Players, and spectators flooded the Hi Sports Pickleball Club at the Durham Sportsplex in Oshawa.

The CPA Pro Tour is similar to the PPA Tour in the US. It has Professional brackets of play, as well as amateur brackets at various skill ratings and age classifications.

This format leads to a lively event where amateur players get to watch and mingle with Canada's leading professional pickleball players.

At the professional level, the CPA Pro Tour, creates another opportunity for Canadian pro pickleball players to compete against Canada's best from other parts of the country, rather than just the region / province they live in.
This level of professional competition is healthy for the game, and also for the individual players to gauge there game against the best from the country. That combined with the fact that this is not just a one time event, but a professional tour can only mean good thigns for Canadian pickleball players and pros going forward.

In the Pro Ranks, Medalists were as follows:

Women's Singles:

Gold: Maria Klokotzky
Silver: Christina Chin
Bronze: Carolina Hack

Men's Singles :

Gold: Brad Chapman
Silver: Etienne Blaszkewycz
Bronze: Robert Rotaru*
* Note that Rotaru qualified for the Gold / Silver medal match, but was unable to play on Sunday, therefore was awarded the Bronze and Chapman and Blaskewwycz played for the Gold / Silver.

Women's Doubles:

Gold: Maria Klokotzky & Jessica Kawamoto
Silver: Christina Chin & Kim Layton
Bronze:  Nasha Ghajar & Emma (Ruoyi) Li

Men's Doubles:

Gold: Brad Chapman & Etienne Blaszkewycz
Silver: Ernesto Fajardo & Matthew Kawamoto 
Bronze: Haddow Thul & Joel Pelletier

Mixed Doubles:

Gold: Maria Klokotzky & Etienne Blaszkewycz
Silver: Ariana Rodriguez & Ryan Torresin
Bronze: Christina Chin & Ernesto Fajardo

These are the best players in Canada, so obviously all players play at a high level.
However some of the exceptional performers this weekend include these multi-medal winners.

Maria Klokotzky: Maria was named the MVP of the tournament with Gold Medals in all 3 disciplines.
Maria won Gold in Women's Singles, Women's Doubles alongside partner Jessica Kawamoto, and Mixed Doubles with her partner, Etienne Blaszkewycz

Brad Chapman: Brad won the Gold in Mens's Singles as well as Gold in Men's doubles with partner Etienne Blaszkewycz

Etienne Blaszkewycz: As noted above, Etienne won Gold in both Mixed Doubles and Men's Doubles.

Christina Chin: Christina won the Silver Medal in both Women's Singles and Women's Doubles with partner Jessica Kawamoto.

The club at Hi Sports really got behind this event, with tons of work by leadership and volunteers alike

Obvioulsy, organization of an event this size is challenging and has been a project of love for the CPA Pro Tour founders.

The tours owners and founders include Alex Stojkov, Owner of Hi Sports and coach / trainer to Canadian pickleball stars, Christina Chin and Ernesto Fajardo .
Another owner is Yui See Lau, owner of Track Ops Media, Co-Founder of the Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL) and fInally the third principal is Brent Glynn, Track Ops web design director and teacher.

This first tour stop was an exciting launch for the CPA Pro Tour. We had a blast attending, and I really think this series with further the sport here in Canada.

Upcoming stops and dates for 2024 will be annouunced shortly and more information can be found at the CPA Pro Tour website.

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Alan Forde

Thank you for the terrific recap…sorry that I didn’t know about it in time to go and watch.

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