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Catherine Parenteau and Jack Sock Partner for 2024

Parenteau and Sock should quickly offer a stiff challenge to the Waters / Johns tandem.

Catherine Parenteau and Jack Sock

Catherine Parenteau and Jack Sock Partner for 2024 in Mixed Doubles on the PPA Tour for 2024.
The announcement was put out by the players on social media as well as on the PPA website and Selkirk website.

Catherine Parenteau

Catherine Parenteau, the PPA Tour's 2nd winningest female of all time, is a PPA veteran, having won dozens of tournaments in her PPA career. 

Catherine Parenteau and Jack Sock Partner for 2024

In 2023, in Mixed Doubles she primarily partnered with Tyson McGuffin, and went to Championship Sunday with him frequently.   In the finals, they typically were stopped by the Ben Johns / Anna Leigh Waters team.

In my opinion, Parenteau tended to be extremely steady in all her matches, but McGuffin seemed a bit up and down, especially as the season went on.

Admittedly, both played a lot of matches in 2023, and McGuffin got caught in in drama a number of times. He's certainly an excitable guy. I think he uses that excitement for motivation and energy, but occasionally it gets the best of him.

Apparently Parenteau decided she wanted another partner, and Sock arrived on the scene at the right time.

Catherine also played singles all season and again went into the Finals in most tournaments, but primarily took 2nd to Women's #1, Anna Leigh Waters.

In Women's Doubles, Parenteau and Anna Leigh Waters won every competition on the PPA tour when they partnered.

Jack Sock

Jack Sock is a retired ATP Tennis player that rose as high as #8 in singles in the world rankings, and #2 in Doubles.

Sock won 4 Major Tennis Tournaments in Doubles and Mixed Doubles, including the US Open, and Wimbledon, 3 different times.

Sock has been a fan of pickleball for some time, and competed in his first  PPA event at the PPA North Carolina Open in 2023, when he won the Mixed Doubles event, partnering with Anna Leigh Waters.

Both Parenteau and Socks Sponsor is Selkirk

Both Catherine Parenteau and Jack Sock play and are sponsored by Selkirk Sports, with Catherine playing her signature Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invicta paddle, and Sock playing the new Selkirk Luxx Control Air paddle.

Assuming Anna Leigh Waters continues to partner with Ben Johns in 2024, we would expect the Parenteau / Sock team would probably rated #2 or #3 coming into the season, with the team of James Ignatowich and Anna Bright being another very close contender.
There are number of other mixed doubles team that would be right there as well.

I expect Parenteau and Sock may take a 3 or 4 tournaments to truly gel, but being both are seasoned pros (Parenteau in pickleball and Sock in tennis) they will quickly adjust and be really competitive.

However, we sincerely hope for Catherine Parenteau and Jack Socks success right out of the gate in 2024, as the PPA could really use a bit of variety on the Gold Medal stand, quickly.

Patrick Batty
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