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Vernon Pickleball Association Inside
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Vernon Pickleball Association, Vernon, BC.

The Vernon Pickleball Association (VPA) is a non-profit society that was incorporated nearly 10 years ago. In those 10 years the VPA has grown from a few dozen enthusiastic early pickleball adopters to a club of 1,000 players of all skill levels and ages. Considering that Vernon (B.C.) has a population of under 50,000 people, that's a whole lot of Pickleball players who congregate daily to play in what is perhaps Canada's largest all-season covered Pickleball dome.

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Canada's Best Pickleball Club
Pickleball News

Canada’s Best Pickleball Club

As the fastest growing sport in both Canada and the US, there are now a lot of Pickleball Clubs in Canada, and more being created every month. But we've been wondering. Which club is Canada's Best Pickleball Club? We have...

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