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Canada’s Best Pickleball Club – Rules and Timeline

Canada's Best Pickleball Club

Official Nominations are Open for Canada's Best Pickleball Club of 2023.

Please nominate a club by either:
1) Click on the club if already on the list;
2) Add additional club if it's not on the list already
You may only cast one vote, but you can SHARE the post with others so they can Vote as well. Please SHARE with other clubs you know of as well as it's only through you participation that clubs are being added to the list.

Why do we have multiple people NOMINATE one club?

During the Nomination Period we are establishing club interest and activity and after the nomination period ends we plan to write a special article about the TOP 8 CLUBS throughout the summer.

Smaller clubs should Vote as much as possible as well. The top 22 clubs will be able to submit an article to us that we will publicize on Pickleball Today Canada's National Pickleball News site.
Therefore 30 clubs will have articles posted on the site throughout the summer.

Also, throughout the summer, we are inviting a select committee to establish the full criteria and the final awards, as well hopefully sourcing a Title Sponsor as well as Sponsors for other categories.

Once all criteria are established we will publish them before final voting begins.

Official voting for Canada's Best Pickleball Club will take place throughout the month of September, 2023.

We will include 50 clubs in the voting.

Voting will end at Midnight on Sept. 30, 2024.

On dates TBD in October we will announce Category Winners, and arrange an in person presentation to Canada's Best Pickleball Club.

National and Local Media will be provided an official Press Release and will be invited to attend the Presentation.

The club will be presented the Canada's Best Pickleball Banner for 2023 and be able to hang it proudly i their facility.

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