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Canada’s Best Pickleball Club – August Update and Urgent Request – We need your Club info.

Canadas Best Pickleball CLub Article SubmissionsPickleball Today

I don't know about you but my summer is moving along way too fast.
The combination of starting a new pickleball club here in Cambridge, ON, coaching training, writing and interviewing for PBTODAY and some significant family issues has really kept me busy.

One of the things I've been trying to do is meet with the top 3 clubs in our voting, and also get updates from the remaining of our 11 finalists
It's been a bit futile with so many people away during the summer.
But we have to get at it now.

So I have to do a fast pivot in order to have articles posted on our website about each of the clubs as well as some other smaller clubs that have had special achievements.

It ends up, I'm going to need the actual clubs to write up a 2 – 3 page article and some pictures about the club and submit them to me. Please email your articles to

We defintely with need this for the top 11 clubs. Those being:

  1. East Coast Rock Pickleball Club, St. John's, NL
  2. Markham Pickleball Club, Markham, ON
  3. Tecumseh Pickleball Assoc., Tecumseh, ON
  4. Parkland Pickleheads Pickleball Club, Spruce Grove, AB
  5. Saugeen Shores Pickleball Club, Port Elgin, ON
  6. St. Albert Pickleball Club, St. Albert, AB
  7. Richmond BC Pickleball Assoc., Richmond, BC
  8. Queen City Pickleball Hub, Regina, SK
  9. Vernon BC Pickleball Club, Vernon, BC
  10. White Rock Pickleball Assoc., White Rock, BC
  11. Club de Pickleball St, Isadore, St. Isadore, NB

However read below if your club is not in the top 11 but would like to be considered.

In each article please include info about the history of your club, where you play, please name the President.

Please coordinate this with your club executive so I get just one post and set of info from each club.

Please include significant achievements, and events your club has had, fund raisers, community relationship achievements and if you do, how you help your community.

Basically, please sell Canada on WHY YOUR CLUB should be considered CANADA'S BEST PICKLEBALL CLUB.

Let's face it. Each club plays pickleball, but what else do you do and what has your club accomplished.

Do you have a junior program?
Do you offer sessions for your community?
Do you raise funds for any special causes?
Have you built courts?
What makes your club unique?

Now, if you are with a smaller club that was outside of our top 11, we ask you to do the same because your club can be considered as well and still be eligible for the final vote.

We've always said Canada's Best Pickleball Club would be about more than just the vote count.

So if you are a smaller club please let us know why you should be considered.
Our panel will select 5 of these clubs to be included in the final vote as well, and we will post an article about your club too.

We are sorry about change of plans, but we want everyone to know about your club and rather than me struggle to find out the information, I ask you to give me the information.

We need the articles and photos submitted by August 27. All articles will be edited and posted by Sept. 15 and at that point a professional Press Release will go out, and Canada gets to pick the Canada's Best Pickleball Club between September 16 and October. 15.

With final announcements of the WINNING CLUBS shortly thereafter.

Patrick Batty

Pickleball Today

Patrick Batty
the authorPatrick Batty
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