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Cambridge Pickleball Club Launched

Cambridge Ontario's First Pickleball Club Established

Cambridge Pickleball Club

After a great deal of work, Cambridge, Ontario has a brand new sports club.

The Cambridge Pickleball Club has Just Launched

The Cambridge Pickleball Club has just launched and is accepting Members.

Cambridge Pickleball Club

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America and people are struggling to find places to play in many cities, but this is especially true in Cambridge, Ontario, and city of around 145,000 people.

Almost all cities in Canada, and many small towns have such clubs, but the historically distributed towns that amalgamated into Cambridge, and the lack of enough public facilities in Cambridge have so far discouraged anyone from forming a central core of players.

We are aware of future pickleball facilities in the area, with a new one being planned at the Fathers Brewery opening some time later in the year.

This is partially due to long delays of Cambridge building an adequate community centre that befits a town of this size.

Currently the city has only 2 full sized outdoor courts, 2 full sized indoor courts, and as well as 5 indoor courts  that are smaller than the regulation size.

The founder of the Cambridge Pickleball Club, local web entrepreneur, former senior software executive, admitted ly confirmed pickleball junkie,, Patrick Batty of West Galt, has decided to accept the challenge and get the ball rolling (or bouncing) once and for all.

“I've only been playing pickleball this year, but have noticed a lack of facilities and times to play in general in Cambridge. Pickleball is exploding in popularity yet right around North America, but now, the City of Cambridge has actually eliminated some facilities for the summer. They've stopped using the summer location from last year, which housed 4 lovely indoor courts. Hockey is being played there this summer because of an arena refurbishment in Preston.

Also, the natural need for summer playgrounds to take over other facilities is an ongoing but important issue and the hockey situation is admittedly temporary. Again this all stems from long delays in the planning and construction of adequate public facilities.

But many people want to still play pickleball. We also only have 2 outdoor courts in the entire city of Cambridge. For a city this size it's quite astounding.

It's the fasting growing sport in North America, so it's hardly a good time to be shutting down facilities.

In fact, I myself have been playing in Kitchener, Waterloo, Paris Brantford, Baden and even Stratford recently because of the shortage of facilities in Cambridge.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands once and for all.” Batty stated.

The Cambridge Pickleball Club launched on Friday, June 16, and by Sunday morning already has 20 members.

We will be playing at an incredibly beautiful facility in the Highway 401 / Frankin Road Area.

We have 2 – 2 hours weekly evening sessions scheduled right now on our 3 courts, but will be adding additional facilities and playing times at locations around the city as our demand increases.

With 3 courts available in our facility, our plan is to have 2 of the courts in an open play paid drop in scenario, and the other court reserved for 1 or 2 hour bookings for a fee.

Shortly, the club will register Pickleball Ontario and Pickleball Canada. if people aren't members already of those they will be required to pay their very nominal fees of $10 per year to each one. It's a bargain and it offers both the club and its members a number of valuable benefits.

People interested on tournaments will be able to compete both Regionally, Provincially and Nationally under the Cambridge Pickleball Club banner.

Eventually we hope to establish a Junior program in Cambridge as well, and I think it's very important. but for now our club is only open to people ages 18 and over. Once we have more members, leadership and facilities we will work towards that Junior program. We feel it's critical, but we need to establish a solid footing first and have people trained for coaching and helping Juniors before we embark on that endeavour.

It's an extremely exciting time, and it's hoped this club is here for decades to come.

A public drop in and welcome will be announced and planned for later in July.

People that wish to Join the Cambridge Pickleball Club


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