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An interview wth Steve Deakin and Jay Devillier, PPA Champions, and CPNL Team Co-owners

Some of the best pickleball players share why they are invested in CNPL and supporting Canadian players

Steve Deakin and Jay DevillierPatrick Batty

This past weekend at the Canadian National Pickleball League Western Split in Edmonton, AB, I had the. fortune of spending a bit of time and interviewing both Steve Deakin and Jay Devilliers

Steve is Canada's best male player of all time. A multi time gold medalist on the PPA Tour. 

He plays most PPA events, has recently committed to more years with the PPA, and is a co-owner of the West Coast Wolverines of the CNPL. He's a busy guy, and he's truly committed to Pickleball in Canada. He does clinics and exhibitions across the country, when he's not at PPA events.

Jay Devillier, from France originally, is a mult-time champion, is currently ranked 5th in Mens Singles, 8th in Men's Doubles and 9th in Mixed Doubles. In other words, he's one of the best male pickleball players in the world.
Jay is a co-owner of the Montreal Lions Team in the CNPL.

Here's my recent interview with Jay and Steve.

Patrick Batty
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