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About us

Pickleball Today

Pickleball Today serves up pickleball news relevant to Canadian Pickleball Players.

We cover news in general, including Canadian tournaments, the latest paddles, pickleball training and health, and the pickleball lifestyle, including pickleball travel. (Yes, we like to get away in January and February too!)

Prior to starting Pickleball Today we realized there wasn't a pickleball news site focused on the interests of the average Canadian pickleball player. Every site I saw was from the US, and none of them had Canadian content.

Certainly we in Canada have some similar interest to those of our US based friends and neighbours. Things like paddles and other gear, or lessons, tips and training.

However here in Canada we have other interests that are not covered by the US press.

Amongst those would be:

  1. Our wonderful Canadian Pickleball Clubs and Provincial Federations.
  2. Our Professional League, the recently launched Canadian Professional Pickleball League
  3. Our weather, which leads to more indoor clubs around the country than in the US
  4. The hundreds of tournaments throughout Canada
  5. Our desire to travel in the both in summer and in winter ;.) and the destinations we choose to go to.

This is why we started Pickleball Today.

About Patrick Batty – The Publisher of Pickleball Today

Patrick is a former tennis and squash player as well is a computer software industry pioneer. He ran multiple companies, and / or international divisions of multi-national software organizations.

Patrick is founder and Owner of Cambridge Digital Marketing, a digital marketing service organization based in Cambridge, Ontario.

For most of his life he has lived in either the Waterloo or Halton Regions of Ontario Canada.

He also traveled extensively and temporarily resided in New York, California, North Carolina.

Patrick and his family also lived in New South Wales in Australia for a few years, while Patrick ran the Asia Pacific division of a large software company of which he was a co-founder.

Patrick is married. His wife Boni was a school teacher both in the Waterloo and Halton Catholic School boards.

He also has two wonderful grown children, and a lively 4 year old grandson.Patrick started playing pickleball in early 2023, but has progressed significantly since that time.

As of Nov. 2023, Patrick (a 3.5 player at best)

  1. Launched Pickleball Today – Canada's National Pickleball News Site
  2. Formed and Launched the Cambridge Pickleball Club in Cambridge Ontario. ( Am member club of Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Ontario
  3. Became a Level 1 Pickleball Coaching Certification Program with Pickleball Canada.
  4. Has played in multiple pickleball tournents.
  5. Reported on Regional Tournaments across Canada.
  6. Reported and Reconded Live at Canadian National Pickleball League events as a member of the press.
  7. Reported at PPA events and has interviewed the top 4 players in the world.

To keep things simple, Patrick goes by Pat, and even goes by Uncle Pat by many in the pickleball community.

Patrick Batty
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