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A Fun Interview with Sebiana Camara and Steve Bozic

CNPL - Pickleball Today Partnership

This interview was a ton of fun. Sebiana Camara and Steve Bozic are genuinely fun people, and among the best pickleball players in Canada.  They play out of Etobicoke, ON when in Canada, and Florida over the weekend.
Whereas not on a specific CNPL team, when the CNPL Eastern Split was played in Guelph this summer.
They are literally on the CUSP.
Steve and Sebiana are League Supplied Alternate Players. Which means they fill is a player is unable to play and finish an event.
I think we all were having fun during this intervew, and their story is very interesting.
Check it out here.

Thanks Steve and Sebiana and best wishes to you. You definitely added to the fun.

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Patrick Batty
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